2000 to 2010 polygamy scandals in the Mormon church

It seems almost every day there is a polygamy scandal – the scandal is that people keep thinking the Mormon Church practices polygamy. The fact of the matter is that the Mormon Church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – stopped practicing polygamy 120 years ago in 1890.
When someone in the Church is found to be practicing polygamy, they are quietly excommunicated. There haven’t been any high-profile cases or scandals regarding excommunication within the Church for polygamy since the early 1900’s.

Polygamous groups who have been in the news somewhat recently are:
-The True and Living Church of the Saints of the Last Days (TLC): in the news 1998-2005 news regarding false predictions of the apolcalypse and a couple kidnapping their baby from a hospital.
-Tom Green Family: in the news 1999 – 2007 scandals regarding a prison sentence for child rape and bigamy
-Apostolic United Bretheren: 1998 -2010 no major scandals, in the news for holding pro-polygamy rallies in Utah
-Church of the Lamb of God (LeBaron Group): 2005-2010 scandals regarding murder
-Latter-day Church of Christ (Kingston Clan): 1998 – 2008 scandals regarding abuse and child custody
-Fundamentalist LDS (FLDS): 1998 – 2010 various allegations of rape and child abuse, invasion of Texas ranch

You can read a large collection of news stories involving these groups at the “Related Link” below.

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