Day: January 31, 2018

Chapter 7,8

Term Definition cali/o calic/o calyx (calix) cyst/o urinary bladder glomrul/o glomerulus meat/o meatus nephr/o kidney pyel/o renal pelvis ren/o kidney trigon/o trigone (region of the bladder) uterer/o uterer urethr/o urethra vesic/o urinary bladder albumin/o albumin (a protein in the blood) azot/o nitrogen bacteri/o bacteria dips/o thirst kal/o potassium ket/o keton/o

Thera 1/3 Hepa Coag Hepatic Coag Laboratory Parameters 3

Question Answer Hepatitis swelling, inflammation of the liver Nonalcoholic Steatohepatits (NASH) a common form of chronic liver disease-resembles alcoholic liver disease. Fat deposits cause inflammation and damage to liver cells that can slowly worsen and cause scarring and cirrhosis. Cirrhosis fibrosis and permanent scarring of the liver, typically from chronic