Day: March 12, 2018

If your detained husband will be deported within the next few months and you have one child and no property how do you file for divorce once he is overseas and do you need an attorney

Why wait?IF you want a divorce it is easier due to the fact he will not be available to even contest the divorce due to be detained within a federal facility. Better to do it now, than to wait until he gets into another country and can hire counsel to

Are you supposed to file your taxes as married if you are in a common law marriage or can you file single if you are not legally married but use his last name

According to the Government, you are either Married, commonlaw, single or widowed. When filing, there will be a box to tick off. Tick off commonlaw. You do not have a legal binding contract to each other. In the event you both split up (I hope you don”t), you would NOT