Month: November 2018

Can a marriage between a born-again Jewish believer in Christ and a Jehovah’s Witness work What about raising children in this family

The Bible tells us we (Christians) must not be unequally yoked. When we believe in Jesus Christ as the second person of the Trinity, as a born-again Christian, we must not unite with a person who does not believe this. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that Jesus Christ is God.

Iam madly in love with someone who is leaving me for an arranged marriage. I know that this means he does not love me properly etc…My question is – How do you move on from something like this

That must be really hard for you. Friends can help you get through this. Just remember that means God knows that this certain guy isn’t right for you. So there is a reason why you aren’t still with this certain guy. I know it is probably really hard to get