Month: February 2019

Has any governor of Colorado ever vetoed a bill that would have established a statewide registry of same-sex domestic partnerships in that state

No. The Colorado state legislature has never passed a bill that would establish a statewide domestic partnership registry and, as a result, no governor of Colorado has ever had the opportunity to sign or veto such a bill. A statewide domestic partnership registry was put to public referendum in November

What are the rules to abide by in order for a Jewish man to marry a Christian woman

In addition to the Torah’s prohibition against intermarriage, there are very many cases in which the spouses use the religious difference as fuel to add to the flames once they’re already fighting over other matters. Maintaining a marriage is hard enough without the interfering factor of different religious backgrounds. Also,

If you live with your boyfriend who is currently going through a divorce how do you not allow his divorce to come between you

AnswerThe period and process of going through a divorce, no matter how “done” you are with the ex, is very emotional and tiring.It is hard to maintain a relationship since there are naturally times when you are unavailable.You may want to set aside some quiet time (weekend?) to discuss what