Question Answer
Dyspenea Difficult breathjng
Thoractomy Incision in the chest
Laryngitis Inflammation of the voice box
Bronchograoghy X-ray of he respiratory
Rhonci Snoring
Odynaphagia Painful swallowing
Tracheotomy Incision in the trachea
Tachypenea Abnormal rapid breathing
Atalectesis Partial collapse of the lung
Pneumothorax Collapsed lung
Hemathorax Collection of blood in the space between the chest
Rhinorea Nasal cavities filled with mucus
Pharyngitis Inflammation of the back of the throat
Pluerocentesis Needle in chest for fluid
Apnea Absence of breathjng
Antitussive Helps cough
Mediastinum Middle section of the cavity wall
Expectorant Excretion of mucus

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