8A caracteristicas

Question Answer
ser to be
soy I am
eres you are
(el/ella) es he/she is
alto tall
bajo short
inteligente smart
tonto dumb
gordo fat
delgado skinny
simpatico nice
antipatico mean
fuerte strong
debil weak
guapo handsome
bonita pretty
feo ugly
timido shy
valiente brave
trabajador hard working
perezoso lazy
viejo old
joven young
tener to have
tengo I have
tienes you have
(el/ella) tiene (he/she) has
pelo marron brown hair
pelo negro black hair
ojos azules blue eyes
ojos cafes brown eyes
pelo rubio blonde hair
ojos avellanos hazel eyes
ojos verdes green eyes
pelirrojo red headed
moreno dark haired/skinned

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