America government Chapter 5 worksheet

Question Answer
Senate The upper house of Congress, consisting two representative from each state.
House of Representatives The lower house of Congress, consisting of Representatives from each state, depending on population.
Census A population count taken by the census Bureau.
Constitution A person from a legislator's district.
Majority party In both the house of Representatives and the Senate, the political party to which more than half the members belong.
Minority party In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the political party to which fewer than half the member belong.
Elastic Clause Clause in Article 1,Section 8 of the Constitution that gives congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper " to carry out its expressed power.
Writ of habeas corpus A court order that requires police to bring a prisoners to court to explain why the person is being held.
Bill of attainder A law that punish a person accused of a crime without a trial or a fair hearing in court.
Ex post facto law A law that would allow a person to be punished for an action was not against the law when it was committed.
Joint resolution A resolution that is passed by both house of Congress.
Rider A completely unrelated amendment add to a bill.
Filibuster A tactics for defeating a bill in the Senate by taking until the bill's sponsor withdraw it.
Cloture A procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a bill.
Two House of Congress House of Representatives and House of Senate.
Terms and Sessions : The House of Representatives is two years term and no term limit. The House of Senate is a six years term and no term limit.
House of Representatives Get how many members by the population of the state. It is vote by the people of that state. It is a two year terms with no terms limit.
The Senate Each state have two member. It is vote by the people of that state. It is a six years terms and no term limit.
Congressional Leadership It is a majority party and minority party.
Top Leadership in House In the House of Representatives the top person is called the Speaker of the House. The majority party choose the Speaker at a caucus, or closed meeting.
Top leadership in Senate The presiding officeris the vice president. They also have a speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House can vote but the vice president can only vote when there a tie.
Committee System It is many committee who make Congress large workload easier by having these committee carefully consider so many bills or proposed laws.
Other Power and Limits : They have the power to impeach, or accused official of misconduct in office.
Type of Bills Private bills concerns individual people or place. Public bills apply to the entire nation and involved general matter such as taxation or farm policy or highway building.
From Bill to Law: A bill start with an idea. A member of Congress submitted for consideration. The bill passed through the committee. It when to House of Representatives to pass. Than it go to House of Senate to pass. When it approved by both Houses than the President si
Committee Action Is when it decide if the bill is worth deciding to go to the House of Representatives to be considered as a bill.
Debating a Bill When a bill is approved by the committee than both party debate to decide if will become a law.
Voting and vetoes It is when both houses vote. It is a veto when not enough vote to pass the bill.

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