Question Answer
What is the light independent reaction called The Calvin cycle
What is the Calvin cycle Respiration in reverse
What does photosynthesis need in order to work Water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight
What does xylem do A tissue that brings water from the roots to the leaves
What is stromata Tiny pores in the leaf where carbon dioxide and oxygen gets released
What is chlorophyll A pigment in a plant that absorbs individual photons from the sun
What's the most important plastid Chloroplasts
What are thylakoids Membranous sacs that store chlorophyll
Where are thylakoids found In the chloroplasts
What is grana Stacked thylakoid
What's inside thylakoid Lumen
What's outside of the thylakoid Stroma
What are the thylakoid membranes Phospholipid bilayers

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