Can a 16-year-old go out with a 20-year-old if the parents aren’t ok with it

It isn’t advisable because your parents could slap “statutory rape” charges against him.I don’t think he’s like that.If this fellow is a nice guy, the key is …. don’t get arguementative with your parents.Ask your parents if they’d be willing to sit down with this young man and discuss what they want for your future and if there are any arrangements suitable to them where he can still see you.You may think you are mature and old enough to settle down with one man, but you have only been on this earth 16 years and there is so much to see and do.Your parents want you to get a good education, then decide what you want out of life and they don’t want to see you settling down early in life with 2 or 3 children before you are 21 years old.You may think this is all romantic, but trust me when I say the magic goes out of a relationship quickly when you are waking up at all hours to a crying baby and changing dirty diapers, not to mention not being able to afford to go out as you are so use to doing right now.If you both love each other you can wait.By speaking to your parents perhaps they will come to some agreement with the both of you.If you keep fighting against your parents the problem will get worse, they will become frightened for you, and this will be one ugly scene.Marcy

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