Can a 30-year-old man become a citizen if he has been in the U.S. illegally for 15 years and is married with a 12-year-old son

Nope. I am an American Citizen who married an illegal alien from the Pacific. We have met with attorneys, INS officers, you name it we have done it. We have been told the same thing from all of them. The only way to do it is have the immigrant go back to his country. The catch is, is that once you leave you are subject to the ten year bar. It means that you can’t come back for at least 10 years, if they even let you come back. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but the INS officer told us that a child POSSIBLE (not definite) might help you. Just meaning that if you go back to your country, it would prove hardship. In the meantime the officer told us that my husband should do everything he can to get involved in the community, volunteering, etc. Also have everyone you serve with write a reference letter. The letters will help WHEN your case goes to court. Who is he married to? Another illegal immigrant? Because if he was married to a US citizen, I do not think that he would have this problem. If he is married to another illegal immigrant, then the answer is NO. Just by being in this country for fifteen years does not grant him legal status or is able to apply for that matter. The only immigration law that exists granting “green cards” to illegal immigrants based on the amount of time that they have been in the country is a law that says that any immigrant who has lived in the USA since about 1970 (give or take 5 years, I can not remember the exact year) can apply and get permanent residency (green card). Yes, I know, none of the “recent era” immigrants qualify. But that’s US immigration law for you! I am the same poster who posted the last post. The other option (not an attractive one, I know) is to wait for that son (if he is American citizen by birthplace) to reach 21 years old, so that the son can apply for a “green card” for his father.

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