Can a Muslim marry a Christian

Under law, a Muslim of any gender can marry a Christian of theopposite in any Western country or in India, but not inMuslim-majority countries. However, both parties should considerthe feelings of their family and close friends before making thisdecision.

According to the Islamic faith, a Muslim man can marry a Christianwoman, but a Muslim woman can not marry a Christian man. Muslimshold that Islam “passes” to the child from the father, so for aMuslim woman to marry a Christian man would result in Christianchildren, which is unacceptable. Conversely in Christianity bothinterfaith marriages are permitted, although not necessarilyencouraged. These issues mean that in addition to the legalposition, the couple must take into account their religious beliefsand the strength of their religious ties. Their options are toignore the religious rules, or for one of the parties to convert tothe other’s religion.

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