Can a non-Muslim girl marry a Muslim boy

Answer: A Muslim man is allowed to marry a women of heaven-sent religions (Muslim or Jewish or Christian woman) as long as she has faith in the one and only one God. He is not allowed to marry woman/girl of non-heaven sent religions. However, if man has concern that the children will be influenced to be other than Muslim if he marries Jewish or Christian woman, then he should not do it. The children have to be Muslims by religion and should be raised according to Islam religion. The answer below is not much different.

Answer: Cannot marry until the non-Muslim accepts Islam and convert to Islam if the non-Muslim is not Jewish or Christian (called People of the Book). According to Quran, Woman from, ‘People of Book’ is allowed for marriage with a Muslim man without converting to Islam religion.

Answer: What the *!?*? Really? What are you guys Islamic extremists? You can marry anybody you want, when you want, and where you want. If you are over the legal age your free you can marry, date, and live with whoever you want to and your parents can’t do anything. Conversion is stupid. You can be of different religions and be married. Screw that that’s from a book. There is absolutely no evidence of a god. It’s a ridiculous thought that only exists because mortal men wrote a book (same men that thought sea monsters were real and the earth was flat). It makes as much sense as believing in Harry Potter or some other fantasy story… marry who you want, screw everybody you thinks otherwise….

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