Can a pregnant 14-year-old in Kentucky move out without parental consent

NO, a you have to be 18 when your parents are not responcible for you any more, unless there is a school for pregnant girls in Wisconsin. Actually I’ve found at 17 you may move out. At that age not to many want to get involved as you are so close to 18. My own daughter who is not pregnant moved out on her own and everyone I talked to said their is nothing that couls be done. More than likely you are not just 17 but have a few months past your 17th b-day putting you even closer to 18. Anyone that interferes with your wishes would only meet in failure in the end. But before you move please consider the fact your parents insurance would no longer cover you and even if you obtain a job to support yourself you will be faced with a period of no money when your baby is born and you need time off. Yes at 17 you may move out and live on your own in Wisconsin, however being on your own will be very hard with a baby, also employment will be a problem. Some move in with their babies father, but in alot of cases they still struggle with a low income. My own daughter moved out at 17 and she was not pregnant, young woman move out at this age more frequantly than people think. For the most part if parents report someone this age as a runaway nothing happens, the police etc. do not actively look for someone this age who left on their own free will. At most if they cross paths because the 17 yr old receives a ticket or something, if the 17yr old does not want to return home they are encouraged to enroll but not forced into independent living programs which is what the person wants in the first place. Usually when people say 17 does not mean the 17th birthday but the period between 17 & 18, it is a loosing battle for the state etc., to persue someone for status offenses within months of their 18th birthday.

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