Can you marry a christian girl because you need to be a citizen here in the us so you want to know if its halal or haram to marry her so you can get the paperwork

Halal or haram doesn’t even enter into it. If you marry just toremain in the country, you are in violation of US federal law andsubject to deportation. When you are deported, you do not come backto the US.

Do as you should legally. Apply for a legal visa.

Now, to the religious/cultural/social elements of your question.

In the US, it matters to no one but you what is halal or haram. Ifyou choose to follow Muslim law, do so, within the laws of thisland. Render unto Caesar after all. Being Muslim in the US, you maymarry a Christian, a Hindu, a Wiccan, a pagan, whomever you chooseand chooses you.

Again though, if you marry just to obtain legal status, you are notand can never be legal.

Of, and trying to seek illegal How To advice on WikiAnswers reallyisn’t the way you should go about conspiring to commit an illegalact. This is a public site that records all activity by the IPaddress from which that activity originates. Anyone with theauthority to do so can track you directly to where you are withthat IP address.

Who’s that knocking on your door? Oh! Could be Immigration.

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