Can you marry with a girl whose father having leucoderma

Why wouldn’t you marry her?Leucoderma is a skin condition (thus “derma”–Latin for “skin”), and although it is a hereditary condition, it is a recessive allele.Alleles, if you don’t know anything about genetics, are the factors that determine the types of genetic traits you end up with in your DNA.One allele is donated by each parent and the resulting allele pair determines what type of trait the child displays.If a trait is recessive, this means that in order for the child to inherit the trait, both parents must donate the recessive allele.This means that YOU (yup, I’m talking about you again) would have to also have the recessive trait for leucoderma (unlikely if you don’t know an immediate family member with the condition) and donate it at the same time as your wife would (even more unlikely, since the two of you each only have one of the recessive alleles).There is a one in four chance that your child would end up with this condition in full, and only a one in two chance of having the recessive allele at all.If you are afraid your children would end up being Albinos, fear not.Leucoderma and Albinoism are not related in the slightest; in fact, leucoderma is actually an immunodeficiency in which the body attacks its own pigmentation cells and kills them.

So, stop being silly and marry her already.:)

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