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Question Answer Abasement Humiliation/ Degradation Al- Having characteristics of Bigot Narrow minded prejudiced person Bilk Cheat/ Defraud Blasphemy Speech with offends religious groups Blatant Obvious Counterfeit Fake Cower Recoil in fear De- Opposite Ephemeral Short lived Er- Comparative Enigma Puzzle mystery Ensconce Established firmly in a position Hamper Hinder or


Question Answer Dyspenea Difficult breathjng Thoractomy Incision in the chest Laryngitis Inflammation of the voice box Bronchograoghy X-ray of he respiratory Rhonci Snoring Odynaphagia Painful swallowing Tracheotomy Incision in the trachea Tachypenea Abnormal rapid breathing Atalectesis Partial collapse of the lung Pneumothorax Collapsed lung Hemathorax Collection of blood in the