Category: Age of Consent & Underage Relationships

Basically this silly 16 year old wants to fight me and im 18 so What would happen with police if i didhit her is it classed as hitting a minor or what

That’s a really annoying situation to be in. It probably would. Try not to let her provoke you into an attack, she’ll get all the sympathy especially if you are a man. But everyone has the right to defend themselves if attacked.

If an 18 year old son with aspergers signs and notarizes a letter to have his mother legally make medical and financial decisions on his behalf would it be legal

I am not sure which country’s laws would apply to you, but logically if the 18 year old is not competent to make medical and financial decisions on his own behalf, why should the decision to allow you to do it be any different….( so no it would not be