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How long do you have to live with someone to become his common law partner or domestic partner in Washington state

The state of Washington does not permit, nor has it ever permitted,common law marriages, whether same-sex or opposite-sex. Also, theonly way to become domestic partners is to register as such. Youcannot enter into a legally recognized relationship merely byliving together for a number of years.

In dfw tx can you sue for common law if he was telling all you were engagedliving together but he still married in ca and leaves after totalling cargetting you firedowing 17000 and you lost your home

Sorry if the question is being misinterpreted.The law presumes that any adult entering into a relationship should be aware of the consequences whether good or bad before making the committment. In which case there would not be grounds for a civil suit as the injured party would be deemed responsible

What is considered domestic partnership in comparison to common law marriage

Sometimes the terms are interchangeable in legal documents, but in modern general use, a Domestic Partnership is a term used with same-sex couples, though in some states, opposite-sex couples can obtain a domestic partnership as well. It is a legally contracted written agreement between two unmarried people. As of 2014,