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Why cant Hindu boy marry a Muslim woman when they both love each other very muchby not accepting their relationship you take away their life long happinesswhy does Koran comes in between

Answer 1Think about kids! What if you have children, which religion would they follow! This could lead your children to depression, drugs, etc.Answer 2You obviously love each other very much. However, you do not say how old you are. If you are very young I would really advise caution in

Why can a Muslim man marry a Christian woman but a Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian man

This is because Muslims believe in all God prophets (including Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad) and believe in all God holy books (including Torah, the Bible, and Quran) while Christians and Jews, generally, don’t believe in Muhammad as prophet and don’t believe in the Quran as God holy book. Accordingly, if

Can Muslim girl marry a christian guy with the nikkah ceremony or is it not allowed if not what is the reason and will the interfaith marriage be looked down apon islamically

The answer is no, a muslimah cannot marry a christian man. A believing woman (i.e. a Muslim) can only marry a believing man, and vise versa. A christian cannot marry a Muslim by way of nikah is. In the nikah you swear by Allah to marry each other etc, and

How can a Christian Orthodox woman marry a Muslim man without either converting

This depends on the facilities available in your country. In some countries, civil weddings are becoming increasingly popular. So, perhaps you could consider having a civil wedding, officiated by a civil celebrant or at a registry office. Just be aware that however legal this marriage will be, you may find