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Where does someone get online marriage counseling

Marriage counseling is available in person and online. While online counseling is less personal than traditional counseling, it can provide marriage help without being invasive. Sites like Online Marriage Counseling have services available to assist in marriage counseling. It’s important to find a certified and trusted online marriage counselor, just

Is marriage counseling a type of psychology

Sort of. Marriage counselling is not really a distinct discipline within psychology – it is just what occurs when a couple attend a (otherwise normal) counselling session. Whereas paediatric psychology, trauma counselling etc… would be considered distinct disciplines, marriage counselling (as yet) is not considered to require the same amount

Why would a psychologist decide on marriage counseling every two weeks instead of once a week

Typically when a therapist suggests marriage counseling every twoweeks instead of once per week, it means that progress is beingmade and the clients are in a stable enough place in theirrelationship to not come in as often. It is common for therapiststo encourage couples to increase the work they are