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If you are married to a man who is selfish and cold and readily admits it and refuses to go to marriage counseling should you divorce him or stay with him for the sake of the kids

God hates divorce. What you should do is stay married to your husband and pray for him. If you are not a christain, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Pray! Prayer changes things.AnswerGod never asked anyone to stay in a marriage that had any type

Would a man attend marriage counseling with his wife if he believes there are no problems in the marriage

Many men don’t think there is anything wrong with their marriage and if they are forced to go they often blame the wife for the problems or better yet, deny anything is wrong with the marriage.Obviously you aren’t happy and he’s not listening to what you have to say.It takes

What conditions might indicate counseling is necessary for the survivor of a relationship with a narcissist

When you are living with a person that is either physically or mentally abusing you (narcissists are game-players and mind-benders) then the mate that got away needs to go for counseling because the narcissist never will.Narcissists brain-wash their victims.Some victims are slightly abused because they leave the relationship earlier on,