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Can an abuser change when he sees he has a problem and is willing to get counseling to work on his marriage and his anger

No, because, serial abusers will never change. I am currently in the same situation. I am married and not even domestic violent classes help my soon to be ex-husband. I think age has alot to do with it too because, he is 49 years old. Depending on the personal data

Are multiple relationships unethical in a counseling relationship

Of course multiple relationship is unethical, dating a person who’s into multiple relationship is extremely dangerous. First of all there are numerous diseases that you are bound to catch and this is exactly why we are different from animals. multiple relationship is like going to an orgy, except everyone is

If your wife attempts to downplay or disregard questions posed to her about the same things she questioned you about does that mean she is cheating

I would say yes only based on personal things. My husband questioned me all the time. He even told everyone I was cheating. Well he left me after 11 years of marriage and two children for a friend of ours. Still to this day he denies that he was ever