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Is it odd for two people in a relationship for only a couple of months and is already considering counseling Is this relationship healthy

AnswerIt’s more than odd, its a way out there. Why in the world would you go to counseling, the two of you aren’t married. If this is the way the two of you are going to proceed with your lives then better you split up, each of you go your

Is a marriage likely to work out when the husband cheated and they both are not going to counseling but he still wants to stay

If the husband only cheated once and the couple learn good communication skills then it’s possible they can have a happy marriage, but, it will take sometime for the wife to trust her husband again and he is going to have to earn it. Humans make mistakes; emotions can run

Is divorce good idea if Wife is a good mother but verbally abusive to husband marriage counseling didnt work should divorce be good option

Maybe you can work it out somehow… love each other. Whenever she’s mean, be overly nice and loving. Pray and ask God. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. At this stage it might be a good option, but maybe not. Think of a way to show her