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What can you do if you suggest marriage counseling and your spouse refuses

In situations where a spouse or partner refuses to participate incounseling, it can be beneficial to still seek counseling foryourself. Although it is ideal to have both parties in the room,individual counseling can still be helpful when trying to clarifyyour concerns, identify emotions and gain insights or perspectiveson how to

My wife just went on our dream vacation to Greece and Europe without me Does this mean she doesn’t care about our relationship as much as I do or am I am reading into it too much

To start, yes she should have waited for you, but get your view of this from the rest of your relationship. It does not necessarily mean she does not care about the relationship as much as you, she could have just go so hyped on this and took off without

Why do you feel lonely when you are married

Being married doesn’t automatically solve a problem of emotionalisolation. Even physical proximity can’t. Developing close, loving,consistent relationships is a good way to help with feelingisolated, but even if the marriage is perfect the feeling couldpersist. Maybe think about whether you are holding part of yourselfback from the people around you,