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Is there any history on MJThompson and or ReVision Enterprises

MJThompson is the owner of ReVision Enterprises, aconsulting business located in Long Beach, CA. MJThompson isan Ordained Minister, a Theologian, a Biblical Linguist, aCertified Marriage & Family Counselor, a Chartered FinancialAnalyst, and a Certified Financial Planner. ReVisionEnterprises operates several online websites. There are alsoassociated accounts at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and

How do you survive if you are trapped in a marriage with a narcissist because there are stepchildren that you love dearly that you cannot leave alone with him and counseling confirmed the diagnosis

Take the words of an old Country song:”One day at a time, sweet Jesus.Thats all I’m asking from you.Just give me the strength, to do every day,what I have to do.Yesterdays gone, sweet Jesus.And tomorrow may never be mine.Lord help me today, show me the way,One day at a time.”

How do you deal with being an abused husband when you have 3 kids and you can’t just leave as you would be adandoning them and you don’t have any family or friends around as you live overseas

First go see an attorney. Wherever you are, you have parental rights and abuse is wrong. Start documenting all abuse. Find witnesses ect.. The emotional damage to the children is your main concern. Get help now! The abuser(men or woman) will not stop on their own.

Has someone used matrimonial sites to find a match in Orissa

Hello, I have seen my brother usingmatrimonial sites. He got a beautiful Odia bride who is even wellmannered, in which is a part of He gotinterest in her and became a premium member to chat and then theystarted dating. It is always better to approach someone throughmatrimonial sites