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Deepest layer of epidermis, single row of keratinocytes, actively engaged in cell division Stratum Basal
Spiny Layer of epidermis, several layers of cell held together by desmosomes, infrequent divisions occur here
Stratum Spinosum
Middle layer of the skin. Composed of 2-4 layers of flattened diamond shaped keratinocytes. The cytoplasm begin to fill w/keratohyalin & lamellated organelles. W/O these parts the cells quickly die. Stratum Granulosum
A clear layer only found in very thick skin, so most skin lacks this layer Stratum Lucidem
Horny layer, outermost layer & dominates the epidermis. It constitutes up to 3/4 of the total epidermal thickness & is composed of 20-30 rows of keratinocytes. Stratum corneum
Macrophages specific to epidermis. Helps stimulate other aspects of the immune system. Langerhans cells
Merkel Cells Found in small #s. Always associated w/a sensory nerve ending & are thought to aid in the sensation of touch, taking half Dome shape, which perfectly complement the half Dome shape of the sensory nerve ending.
Keratinocyte Majority of cells found in the epidermis. Produces a tough fibrous water proof protein keratin. Gives skin it's resiliency & strength
Melanocytes Pigment found in skin, found in deepest epidermal layers. Produces melanin

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