Do I need an RSVP for my invitations

An RSVP card is most commonly used in weddings. Its included withyour invitation and is a way of telling the couple getting married,if you will be attending their celebration.Once you have filled out the card, you send it back in the mail.The couple can then make a list of who is coming and who is unableto make it. This is used for catering purposes and seatingarrangements.Many couples use the traditional method of giving a printed card,rather then supplying an email address or phone number to contactthem on, as its more formal.Red Rose Invitations offers 2 types of printed RSVP’s. One is acard with an 11B envelope and the other is a postcard style, whichdoesn’t require an envelope.Both types, use the same stock as the wedding invitation, so thatall stationery is matching. The difference in the cards, is, withthe 11B envelope, the RSVP details are hidden, but this option isslightly more expensive then the postcard style.You can find and buy them at Red Rose Invitations in St Clair NSW2759

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