Do Mormon have two wifesAsk us anything

No, Mormon men do not have two wives. Members of the Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the “Mormon”church) may have only one wife (or husband) at a time. In the caseof divorce or death, Mormons may remarry. So, a Mormon man mighthave two wives in his lifetime, but not two wives at the same time.
For a period of time between approximately 1840 and 1890, theChurch allowed the practice of polygamy (having more than one wife)as it is practiced in the Old Testament of the Bible. However,since 1890, any Mormon found to be practicing polygamy has beenexcommunicated from (kicked out of) the church. There were some whowere angry with the 1890 ban on polygamy who formed their ownbreakaway groups. These people often call themselves “MormonFundamentalists”, but they are not affiliated with the MormonChurch in any way.

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