Does a Catholic woman have to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man

A:If either partner to a marriage is Catholic, the Catholic Church would require that all children of the marriage be brought up as Catholics. This is considered to be a religious obligation, so if the couple agrees to bring the children up as Muslims, it would be better for her to convert.
Another Answer
No, it is not required for a Catholic woman to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man. Per Islam teachings and rules, it is allowed for a Muslim man to marry a Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, Jewish, or Muslim woman. This comes from the fact that per Islam and Quran teachings, Christians and Jews worship same God worshiped by Muslims and; accordingly; they are not called unbelievers but are called holders of the book as they are holders of the Bible and the Torah that Muslims believe they are God holy books as the Quran is.
However, as the husband, per Islam teachings, is responsible of the family financial responsibilities and expenses (even if the wife works, she is allowed not to spend on family cost of living) and the children bear the father name, children are raised up as Muslims until they become mature enough to chose their religion per their free will.
The Christian or Jewish woman after marriage is allowed to practice her ritual worship at home as well as in the church.

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