Does health insurance cover marriage counseling

No, medical insurance will not cover marriage counseling. Thereneeds to be a mental health diagnosis for counseling / therapytreatment to be considered “medically necessary” and covered bymedical insurance. Marriage and/or relationship counseling is notconsidered medically necessary.
There are times in which one party or the other may have anexisting mental health diagnosis, such as depression, andcounseling services will be covered if that person would like tohave their partner/spouse involved in part of their treatment.However, that is not considered marriage counseling… it would betreatment for that one individual with the existing diagnosis.

For example, if a woman has an existing diagnosis of PTSD, and hercurrent relationship or marriage is suffering as a result ofongoing struggle with PTSD… her partner or spouse would be ableto engage in part of her treatment for PTSD specifically.

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