EOC Math 1 vocab EOC math terms NCFE Math 1

Question Answer
negative number any number less than zero
origin of a number line (0,0)
mean or average the sum of a series of numbers divided by n (number of items)
8, 9, 72 divided by three =41
factors for example 4 and 9 are _______ of 36
exponent number of times the bases is used as a factor. (4 to the 6th, 6th is the ___________ )
absolute value the distance from zero written |a|
base of a power for example 4 to the 6th, 4 is the ___________
The value of 10 to the fourth is 10,000
algorithm the step by step process used to solve an equation.
inverse operation two operations that undo each other – division is _____ of multiplication.
8 x 9 seventy-two
80 x 9 = seven hundred twenty
8n=72 9
41 is an example of __________ number because it has only 2 factors 1, 41 prime

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