How do you plan a dog wedding

Dog weddings are fun and simple!Here are some helpful tips for planning.

For an invitation, be creative and put the future couple in a nice snazzy outfit together. Be sure to tell the guests all the details about the wedding!

For location, find a nice location for it. at the beach can turn to a hawian themed wedding, or the backyard is simple but beautiful. Think of how many dogs you will invite, and make sure they get along. For the venue, set up an altar, which can be a table with a nice tablecloth, and flowers. Set the aisle with a long piece of fabric. Make sure there are chairs! Decorate the venue with plenty of dog friendly flowers!

For the pastor, ask a nieghbor, or a family member, or your local vet, or your own pastor!

For food, make sure there a lot of treats and goodies for the dogs. You can make a homade doggie cake! Look for recipies online, Make sure there is food for the humans too!

For the outfits, go online and shop for wedding dresses, and tuxes. Remeber about the ring bearer, flowergirl, and best man, and maid of honor! We know there are no rings for dogs, so get them matching gemstone collars, that you can make them or buy them at your local petstore. Don’t forget the pillow for the rings!

You can make a littlle carraige with a stroller covered in pretty fabric and flowers and faux gemstones. Make sure it is comfortable for the bride and groom. Also put bells and a “JUST MARRIED” sign in the back!

For the reception, have plenty of toys blankets and treats around! Put some romantic orchestra music, or have fun pop music for your pooches. Toward the middle of the reception, create a film of the bride and groom together when they were friends and how they knew each other. At the cutting of the cake, have their owners cut the cake with a nicely decorated cake cutter, and give the bride and groom get the first piece to share. Make sure their is a toast at the end, with purified water in plastic cups wrapped in ribbon for the couple to drink.

When the ceromony is over let the pooches sleep well, so they can think about their new life together!

Send thank-you notes to all the guests with pics of the couple in a casual outfit together!

For the honeymoon, just take them to a nice stroll along the park. Take some pictures. Let them have a moment alone together. Then take them to a shopping spree at their favorite petstore! ANd cook them up a fancy meal. ANd give them a nice spa day!

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