How is Polygamy a moral issue in Kenya

The practice of what is usually called polygamy enjoys de factolegality in Kenya although such unions are no longer fullyrecognized by the courts. With the enactment of the newconstitution, the Marriage Bill of 2007, which would haveeffectively legalize civil polygamous marriage in Kenya. However in2013, a woman was able to marry two men legally. (Moral issues: arethose which involve a difference of belief and not a matter ofpreference.)
Many people especially those who are not used to or don’t believein marrying two people would find this an moral issue. Whether itis because of their religion or that you believe marrying multiplepeople is wrong, its simply an opinion. I think your question isvery opinionated, because whether polygamy is or isn’t an moralissue is based on how you feel about it.

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