How many young adults get married and divorced with in five years

i have been married and divorced and this is to not to hard of a question but also a hard question. all my marriges lasted less than 3 years. reason one i bought them with lies and money and when they run out there was nothing left because they didn’t love me they loved the other. two lazyness, not living to the standard that they wanted. example: not helping with house work ect. three addiction, to porn and thinking in mind thats what women wanted or how they want to feel sexualy. not true!!!!!!!!. today it seems that no one wants to make sacrafice, when we say for better or worse it means that i love you enough to work thru your troubles. till death do us part. well thats explains its self. but there is so many couples that fall for the outside and not the heart. love yourself and who you are. cant make someone love you. and know without a shadow of a doubt that the one you want to marry want to be married to you. make you vows clear and include god in your relationship. have friend outside eachother. have no secrets. let them tell you even if the have been with someone else that i know your my one true love. but if you have any doubt on any of this get out and call it friends.

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