How should your husband act if he is truly over his affair

“ME AND MY SHADOW!” That’s exactly true! He’ll be trying his very best to be in plain sight when you are around and be as good as he can be. He’ll probably try to please you and be a real good boy. Anyone can make one mistake and although I don’t blame you for mistrusting him right now (he has broken that trust with you) he does deserve another chance. You just never know if you’d be in a situation of cheating as he was. Most of us never think this could happen to us, but given the right circumstances and the maturity level of the person it’s possible.
If he is sneaking phone calls, going off to another room while talking on the phone, working a lot of late nights or not turning up at home until late then I would say you have much to be concerned about.

From the moment the affairs is been discovered, your life will never be the same anymore. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or your husband who had the affairs, nothing will be normal anymore between the two of you. You are the only one who can read or notice the action of your husband. But for others, and I will include myself, few things I notied from the man I married, he stop hiding his cell phone, he moved his office desk back to our study room, he stop signing out off his computer, he started calling on the phone again just to say what time he got in to work. But the truth is it doesn’t really matter all the changes his showing me, if he wants to do it again, he will find the way no matter what…

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