In a divorce what states are considered to be in a woman’s favor or a man’s favor

Check the divorce laws for both your State and and your County. (Search Google for “Michigan Washtenaw”.) Many States are “no-fault”. New York favors the husband. In California you can be “Cruised” if your husband files for divorce prior to your tenth anniversary. (To be “Cruised is to have spousal support preempted.) Many attorneys want to be “fair” and will cede your positions before you get to court. All judges are human and many are prejudiced. A judge from the ghetto will not think a wealthy woman should continue to be wealthy at the cost of her husband’s company. Choose a lawyer by asking recently divorced acquaintances why their lawyer’s strategy was special. It’s not the knowledge of law; it’s creating a strategy to deal with your spouse’s blowhard attorney and a misogynist judge.
Best advice: Read your State’s appeals court divorce judgments for the past three years.More about certain locations: Escambia County Florida is a very pro-father system. Women stand very little chance at a fair hearing before these judges. It is so pro-men that it is difficult to find an attorney in the entire tri-county area willing to represent a female before the judges. If you live in Escambia County, Florida, are female, and need to take a dead beat father to court, think twice, because you may wind up losing custody altogether!

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