Is a Florida Divorce recognized in Dominican Republic

Yes, you can even get divorced in the Dominican Republic and i will be valid in Florida.

The following has been published by the Government of the Dominican Republic:

“Legal Requirements for U. S. Citizens to Obtain Valid Divorces in the Dominican Republic

Recently, a number of U. S. citizens have inquired about the process by which they can obtain a valid divorce in the Dominican Republic. A special divorce law for nonresident foreigner (passed in 1971) provides that the only permissible grounds for divorce of non-resident foreigners is mutual consent. This means that if a husband and wife who do not reside in the Dominican Republic want to obtain a valid divorce under Dominican law, both spouses must agree that they want to obtain such a divorce.

The special divorce law also establishes four requirements to obtain such a divorce:1. One of the spouses who wish to be divorced must make a personal appearance in court in the Dominican Republic. The special divorce law does not require the person seeking a divorce to reside in the Dominican Republic for any length of time. Therefore, the spouse making the personal appearance in the Dominican court could arrive one day and depart the next day, after meeting all other legal requirements.

2. The divorcing spouses must enter into a separation agreement with respect to the division of their common property, custody over their children (if any), and alimony and support payments. The spouses should have such an agreement drafted by an attorney who practices law in the jurisdiction of the domicile of the marriage.3. If one of the divorcing spouses does not appear in the Dominican Republic, he or she must execute a power of attorney in the presence of a Notary Public or a Dominican Consul. (A list of the locations of Dominican Consuls in the United States is attached). This power of attorney provides evidence to the Dominican court that the non-appearing spouses accept the jurisdiction of that court.

4. The spouse who appears in the Dominican Republic to obtain the divorce must provide not only the separation agreement and the power of attorney but (copies of?) the birth certificates of all minor children born in the marriage and a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Once the spouse makes the necessary appearance in the Dominican Republic, it will take between one and four weeks, depending on the courts workload, for the divorce judgment to be handed down and registered.

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