Is a prenuptial agreement a sign of my bf being selfish and caring more for his money than me he said he does not know what might happen in the future but he trusts me its him whom he does not trust

If he does not trust himself then he would ask you to have a prenuptial agreement so he is full of it! When a person wants a prenuptial agreement it is to protect themselves. Example: If that person had a business and made a great profit then a prenuptial agreement would stop you from getting any part the business or profits. If two people are in love and one (especially males) wants a prenuptial agreement then it’s not love because love is about trust and loyalty. He is afraid of himself and not mature or confident enough to get married because he feels already that there is a possibility the marriage may not work out and divorce may happen so he is covering his own hide. When you marry you work together towards your future so possibly a house; property a business, etc., may be in his name and with a prenuptial agreement you could be left out in the cold. It is a known fact that more men make better wages than women, so tell him if he does not nix the prenuptial agreement then the engagement is off.

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