Question Answer
Select highlight or block text.
Copy selected text it is removed from the document and placed on the clipboard.
cut the selected is deleted from the screen.
Drag to hold left button and drag it to the end of what you want
Drag and drop to drag selected character from one place in a file to another.
find A command that specify how to locate a data file.
format the change appearance in the text.
Go to to jump to a specific place in a file
office clipboard is a temporary storage place storage in the computer’s memory.
paste the text exercise world appears in the last line of the document below the closing.
pate operations the button become orange and an arrow appears on it.
Quick style settings that affect the way the text looks in the document
redo to reverse the action.
repeat to repeat the most recent action.
replace to search a file for each occurrence of a specific word or phrase that you specify and then replace the word or phrase whit another word.
show/hide command allows you to see these formatting marks.
Toggle switch between two options to turn off or on.
undo to reverse a recent action
wildcard special characters represented as other characters.

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