Term Definition
clipboard A temporary storage place in the computer’s memory, available to all the programs on your computer, which can hold only one selection at a time; to place items on the clipboard, you use the cut or copy command. An item on the clipboard can be pasted int
copy – to place a copy of selected text on the clipboard or the office clipboard
cut to remove selected text and place it on the clipboard or the office clipboard
drag – to select text by positioning the I-beam pointer to the left of the text you want to select, holding down on the left button on the mouse, dragging the pointer to the end of the text you want to select, and then releasing the button.
find – a command that lets you specify how to locate data to a file.
drag and drop to drag selected text from one place in a file to another
format – to change appearance or look of text.
go to – to jump to a specific location in a file.
office clipboard a temporary storage area for up to 24 selections you copy or cut.
paste to copy an item stored on the clipboard or the office clipboard to a location In a file
paste options – commands that appear below and to the right of the pasted text ; you can click the paste options button to open a menu of options for formatting the pasted text.
quick style – a predefined format that you can apply by clicking a button in the styles group on the home tab.
redo – to reverse an action that you in did.
repeat – to repeat the most recent action
replace to search a file for each occurrence of a specific word or phrase that you specify and then replace the word or phrase with another word or phrase that you specify.
select to highlight5 a block of text.
show/hide -A command that allows you to see hidden formatting marks in a document
toggle to switch between two options or to turn a feature on or off.
undo – to reverse a recent action
wild card a special character that represents other characters in a search

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