RADT 316 Exam 2 (Dr. reed)

Question Answer
What are the 3 gender differences of the pelvis General shape, angle of oubic arch, shape of inlet
The puvic arch of a female pelvis is _____ than 90 degrees Greater than
What are the bones that make up the pelvis Two hip bones, sacrum, coccyx
Waht are the two angles of the proximal femur 10 degreees from vertical. 15-20 anterior angle of the head and neck
Two position includes the knee joints AP distal femur
When performing a pelvis xray, when should you not roll the feet inward Possible hip fx
____ should not be visible on a true AP of the pelvis Lesser Trochanters
What are 2 important positioning landmarks used by the radiographer when positioning for pelvis and hip radiographs ASIS and iliac crest
What are the 4 essential parts of the proximal femur Head, neck, greater & lesser trochanters
Also known as the socket.. ball- and – socket joint Acetabulum
What are the three divisions of the hip bone Ilium, ishium, pubis
Whan x-raying SI joints, the side of interest will alwasy being pointed _____ Upwards
When and where do the hip bones fuse into one bone Middle teens, at the acetabulum
What is the difference between the male and female pelvis Female, greater than 90, male- less than 90
An LPO SI joint xray is viewing the ________ Right SI joint
The position shows the greater trochanter and neck parallel with the IR AP femur (hip) proximal
What are the 3 angles pf the proximal femur? Neck to shaft-125….longitudinal-10….Anterior angle-15 to 20
For an AP femurs (hip)- proximal where should the IR be placed in order to see the full head and neck of the femur Top edge of the ASIS
What should be used when performing an axiolateral inferosuperior trauma hip: banelius miller method Grid
A nontrauma AP pelvis includes what two projections Rotational hip, proximal femur projection
What makes up the ilium Body and ala (wing)
A trauma AP pelvis includes what 3 projections Trauma pelvis projections, nonroatational hip, proximal femur projections
What degree of rotation is the leg rotated for an APmid and distal femur 5 degree internal
For a true AP projection of the pelvis the feet should be rolled _______ degrees ______ 15-20 inward
True/false: you dont shield male or females for a pelvis xray false
True/false: you should not rotate the leg and hip after surgery true
Where does the iliac crest extend between between the ASIS and PSIS
What is an alternate landmark for location of the pubic level other than the pubis itself Greater trochanter
What femur position is only used for nontrauma patients Lateral femur: mid and distal (mediolateral)
What is the difference between the false and true pelvis False pelvis – wings with lower abdomen muscles, true pelvis- makes up the birth canal
What femur position is used for a trauma patient Trauma femur: lateralmedial (mid and distal)
The pubic arch of a male pelvis is ____ than 90 degree Less than
The first effect demonstrated is fusion of the SI joints. The disease causes extensive calcification of the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spinal column. Ankylosing spondylitis
These fractures cause extreme pain and are difficult to diagnose if not imaged properly Avulsion
A malignant tumor of the cartilage, it usually occurs in the pelvis and long bones of men older than 45 years Chondrosarcoma
These hip dislocations are caused by conditions present at birth and may require require frequency hip radiographs Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)
Lesions typically involve only one one hip Legg-calce-perthes disease
The malignancy spreads to the bone via the circulatory system or lymphatic system Metastatic carcinoma
BC of the closed ring structure of the pelvis, a severe blow or trauma to one side of the pelvis may result in a fracture site away from the site of primary trauma, thus requiring clear radiographic visualization of the entire pelvis Pelvis ring fx
These fx are most common in older adult or geriatric patients with osteoporosis or avascular neecrosis. proximal femur hip fx
This condition usually occurs in 10 to 16 year olds during rapid growth, when even minor trauma can precipitate its development Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
The spiphysis appears shorter and the epiphyseal plate wider, with smaller margins Slipped capital femoral epiphysis

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