Science Chapter 5

Question Answer
The problem of having too many of at least one living thing in an ecosystem is called Overpopulation
The acids mix with air and fall to earth as Acid rain
A long period of time where there is no precipitation, such as rain, is called Drought
When harmful substances are put into the air, water, or land it is called Pollition
How does burning coal and gasoline cause acid rain?
How can overpopulation cause an ecosystem to change? There wouldn't be enough water or food to survive
What happens when an ecosystem has a drought? Plants and animals die without water.
What pollution problems are caused by big cities? People littering and cars and factories putting a lot of gasses into the air.
Why can a fire spread quickly in a forest? The trees are close together, and the fire has a form of fuel to spread from tree to tree
How would forest animals be affected by a fire? Animals would be killed, their homes destroyed, and they would have no food left.
How would forest plants be affected by fire and the loss of the tall trees? They would lose their shade and many of the plants would also burn
To not waste electricity, people can …………appliances when they are not using them
Turn off
The ………. is a federal law that sets limits on different kinds of air pollutions. Clean Air Act
To lower land pollution people can………and ……….. materials
The ………….requires states to clean up polluted waters and to prevent further pollution Clean Water Act
To keep water clean, people should not dump ……… that could harm the water or throw things that do not belong into lakes and rivers Wastes
Sunlight is a resource that can never run out, but ……… is a resource that can run out Sunlight
When ……… burns a rain forest, animals lose their food resources and homes Fire
Sometimes wastes from homes or factories are dumped into rivers, lakes, and oceans causing ……. pollution. Water
One terrible source of water pollution occurred in Alaska when an ………ran aground Oil tanker
…….. occurs when waste gasses combine with water in the air. Smog
Recycle and reuse

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