Should I get engaged because I love him but when it gts to engaged am freaking out. Am used to lifestyle i know he can’t keep up to it when we gt married and i dn’t want to to get divorce

You need to ask yourself which is more important to you…. your love or your lifestyle?

Whose lifestyle are you ‘used to’…. yours, or that which is allowed to you by your parents’ affluence?

Why do you say “he can’t keep it up when we get married” when – being married is all about “we”…. you mean “we can’t keep it up when we get married”…. what do you intend to do when you marry? Will you not be a a financial contributor to the marriage, or do you expect to be ‘kept’?

Why, when you are not even engaged are you thinking already of divorce?

You have many questions to ask yourself – and only you can answer them.

Sort yourself out, lady, and adjust your priorities in life. The right answers will come to you.

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