Question Answer
Abasement Humiliation/ Degradation
Al- Having characteristics of
Bigot Narrow minded prejudiced person
Bilk Cheat/ Defraud
Blasphemy Speech with offends religious groups
Blatant Obvious
Counterfeit Fake
Cower Recoil in fear
De- Opposite
Ephemeral Short lived
Er- Comparative
Enigma Puzzle mystery
Ensconce Established firmly in a position
Hamper Hinder or obstruct
Hanger Storage in a plane
Hasten Hurry or accelerate
Inter- Between
Knotty Complex/ difficult to solve
Labyrinthine Complicated/ highly convoluted
Less- Without
Mid- Middle
Non- Not
Noxious Harmful or poisonous
Nullify To counter; make unimportant
Parian Outcast
Placid Calm/Peaceful
Plaudit Statement giving strong praise
Pre- Before
Re- Again
Reprehensible Shameful/ very bad
Rescind to take back/ repeal
Sub- Under
Surmise To infer with little evidence
Tacit Expressed without word
Torpid Lethargic/ dormant/ lacking motivation
Trans- Across
Umbrage Resentment/ Offense
Vapid Lacking liveliness/ dull
Zephyr Gentle breeze

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