Views of citizenship in contemporary society

I dont know, I really dont. I’m trying to find it out myself.This is the hardest question in the world!A nation is a cooperative project; citizens work together (even if just by paying taxes) toward their shared objectives, such as national security and prosperity, good roads, etc. Citizens are members of a nation, whereas non-citizens are either visitors (which is all to the good, since they spend money while visiting) or illegal immigrants, who benefit (or at least try to benefit) from a society which has not accepted them as members. Citizenship is usually just an accident of birth; wherever you happen to have been born, that is the nation of which you automatically are a citizen – although there are ways to change your citizenship, which are usually somewhat difficult. I have thought that in a more enlightened world (if such a thing is ever possible) we would all just be citizens of the world, rather than citizens of some specific country.

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