What are the advantages and disadvantages of interracial marriage

That is a big question, on a very touchy subject!

There are ever changing advantages and disadvantages. Because of the changing social dynamics, hooking up today is not the same, as for couples who got together decades ago.

In the types of relationships you are referring to, what two races and religions that are involved, financial situation, job position, and families reactions can all be very relative in each relationship.

Also if we are talking about a African-American interracial relationship, the darker African-American is, the more negative counter reactions are going to experience in general.

Overall, an interracial marriage is a marriage like any other. It first suffers hardship like any marriage, and same pitfalls that ruin a marriage to begin with may be compounded in a interracial marriage.

If you go into a interracial marriage believing there are any advantages to being in a interracial marriage, you are in for a rude awakening as they are few and greatly outweighed by negative aspects.

The true advantage of interracial marriage, is if you both know before you get married it going be a rough long haul and still love each other enough to commit to each other, than only those people seem to stay together forever.

Disadvantages can be anything and everything. You may be attacked by every person, including families and friends. You may be thrilled if you get one day without some minor rudeness by some one, though it isn’t as bad anymore.

Things are not getting any easier for interracial couples. There may be more interracial couples of every kind in this day and age, but it only seems to be infuriating the large percentage of people who have submerged racist feelings and who are now voicing them or even committing overt acts of discrimination.

I have read that Afro American woman do seem to be limited on their choice of perspective partners in their race, and interracial marriages with white males seem to be working out better in general.

But there are many interracial marriage couples, specially when one partners or both feel that they be receiving some kind advantage by marrying some one out their race, to find the reality is not so sweet and these marriages become very destructive to both spouses.

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