What are the advantages of a love marriage over an arranged marriage

Let me start with saying, there are no DIS-advantages!! Allow me to elaborate:
1) get to spend life with someone who cares just as much about you, as you do about them
2)have a dependable partner and friend no matter where you are
3)can enjoy life together without having to compensate for someone who does not share your interests
4)If you have children, they will grow up knowing how to love because there is a house full of it
5)who wants to marry someone you can’t stand, anyway!
6) sex is MUCH better!
8) through thick and thin, your partner will be less likely to leave you because they want to see you happy
9)you have a healthier and more pleasant relationship, knowing that 20 years down the road he will not look like the guy in your “arranged marriage nightmare”!
10) what good is a marriage if you can’t live life to the fullest! Get out there and find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right!

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