What are the chances of a marriage being saved after infidelity occurred without counseling involved

the marriage will fall apart

What a good question, will the marriage falls apart if a couples didn’t have no help from a 3rd person? Maybe or maybe not. But here is my own opinion, if the husband and his wife have a good communication from each others, none of them will think of crossing the path of affairs. But lots of couples do not have this quality, so in result one of them, the husband or the wife will end up with the other person.
The third person or councilor’s job is to help couples having problems with their marriage. Why do we need to see a stranger that never knew us because of the problem were having. Don’t you think if we really connected to our spouse, we will have problems? Why not husband and his wife sit together and talk about what’s going on with their life. The husband needs to tell his wife everything he didn’t like from his wife. And the wife also need to tell him what his not doing. If this couple can have a times out and really talk, do you think they will need to see a 3rd person or councilor after learning what’s been going on in their life? Think about it…

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