What are the top 4 cities in Utah that have the highest population of polygamists

Well, we can’t know for sure since polygamy is illegal and usually practiced in secret – it isn’t reported to the government to be counted in the population statistics. Here are some places where polygamists are quite common in Utah:

*Hilldale (nearly all residents are members of the FLDS church)
*Manti and Ephraim (headquarters of the TLC polygamist group)
*Bluffdale (headquarters of the AUB, a few smaller groups, and many independent fundamentalists – Lehi, Eagle Mountain, Herriman, and other neighboring cities also have pretty high polygamist populations)
*Rocky Ridge (small town, nearly all residents are members of the AUB)
*The area of Beryl and Modena is home to a polygamist group of about 200 people.

There are polygamist pockets scattered all over the suburbs of Salt Lake City, and many small Utah towns have pretty high polygamist populations.

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