What can you do if you are forced into an arranged marriage at age 16 and you don’t like your bride

Well, I know you really don’t want to hear this, but give her achance. There have been countless stories and movies of people whohate their soon to be spouses, but as soon as they get to know theother, they are madly in love. But being married at 16 is verywrong if you don’t want to be married. If you live in the US youhave the right to make your own decisions.
Otherwise you can be immature like I would be and…
Run out screaming with a bag of things you need to survive.
Tell your parents they are stupid and go on a rant until they kickyou out.
Tell the bride you hate her, that way she’ll hate you too, and thenyou’ll hate eachother together.
Good luck honey!

Yes, this is not right age to get marriage. This is against themarriage act ruls and also try to suggest the bride to wait forsome time..

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