What conditions might indicate counseling is necessary for the survivor of a relationship with a narcissist

When you are living with a person that is either physically or mentally abusing you (narcissists are game-players and mind-benders) then the mate that got away needs to go for counseling because the narcissist never will.Narcissists brain-wash their victims.Some victims are slightly abused because they leave the relationship earlier on, while others have put up with it for years and never knew what was wrong with their mate.It isn’t important we label the person hurting us, but it’s important one gets away from it.Rule of thumb … when someone hurts you or makes you feel terrible most of the time rather than peaceful or happy it’s time to move on!If you love someone you don’t make an effort to play games or hurt them.None of us are perfect and we’ve certainly hurt our mates on occasion (vice-versa for them) but the difference is we say we are sorry and try to rectify what we have done.ANYONE who has been in an abusive relationship needs counseling.

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