What happens after 18 years of marriage when you realize he’s not and never was the one and you don’t even know why you got married there’s never been an attraction since you married and no kids.

For someone from outside, the answer is rather simple: Life is too short to spend it without love, passion, magic, fulfilment.
However, after 18 years, you may feel afraid of being alone (which is normal), especially because the lenght of the “on-my-own time” would be unknown – could be 2 months… could be 2 years. If this is your case, you better close your eyes to your past and find yourself something else to focus about. You must give your life another meaning (not linked to your marriage, of course). Volunteer, for instance.
But if you are brave enough to make up for the lost time… Go for it, conquer your self-respect, fight for your happiness. You deserve it. And so does your actual partner.
Good Luck. If you have children you make it work to your best ability my parents got divoced but my mom couldn’t take any more so that’s tuff if theres kids if not well do what ya wanna do you arent responsible for any one else but if there are kids try counseling anything

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