What is the 20 SOP of citizenship advancement training

SOP ( Standard Operating Procedures )

1. Apply Military Courtesy.
2. Render Proper Salute.
3. Apply Side Stepping.
4. Familiarize Everything And Everyone.
5. Always Come 10 Min. Before The Time Given.
6. Always Start And End With “SIR” When Talking To a Senior.
7. Always Knock And Report When Entering And Leaving A Room.
8.Render Reports Property.
9.Be in Proper Attention When Talking And Reporting to a Senior.
10. Occupy 3-6 Steps Away When Talking And Reporting to a Senior.
11. Sit Properly in a Formation.
12. Keep Updated.
13. Address Yourself With Your Rank.
14. Stay on Post Until Properly Relieved.
15. Always Log-in And Log-out to Determine Your Time of Duty.
16.Peripheral Vision Look 1,000 Miles Away.
17. Always Maintain Respectable Posture.
18. Always Maintain Proper Grooming.
19.Use Your Common Sense And Initiative.
20. Be Open Minder.
21.Always Move in Double Time.
22. Loyalty is The Golden Rule.
23. Be Responsible for all your Actions and Decisions.
24. Avoid Malingering Murmuring.

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